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Antibacterial Surgery Fabrics

Our medical fabric is developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals to provide fabrics that are comfortable, safe and effective for use in healthcare facilities, prison industries, jails, camps, and dormitories.
Our thermoplastic fabric composites are strong, durable, antimicrobial, antistatic, stain, odor, and fluid resistant.
Our medical fabrics provides the ultimate performance in comfort and protection for surgical gowns. Our medical fabric keeps you more comfortable as it helps protect you and the patient, even during the longest surgical procedures.
Reusable surgical gowns with medical fabrics also provide superior value through significant cost savings and reductions in biohazardous waste as compared to disposable systems.
Our medical fabrics are developed to provide superior repellency to fluids, electrostatic control, and resistance to intensive wear and care including severe wash and sterilization cycles. Medical environments need to be free from static electricity that could cause a short to critical equipment and devices.

Our medical fabrics include conductive carbon fibers that are encapsulated in a polyester sheath for extended fiber life and guaranteed permanence of anti-static properties. Our woven medical fabrics are reusable and are, therefore, environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of waste much of it biomedical. Reusable fabrics are also budget-friendly by providing protection through multiple surgical procedures.

Surgical fabrics include the following requirements:
- maximum protection for patients, users and third parties
- high microbiological and hygiene standards to prevent the risk of infection
- good wearing comfort of the clothing to maintain the high performance
- sweat-absorbing
- easy handling of the drapes

Medical Fabrics' Main Colors :
White Green Navy