The Largest and Authorized ESD / Antistatic Fabric Producer in Turkey



EPS EPP Aging Silos

EPS silos made from uncoated fabric that is especially woven to disperse static electricity are manufactured in Turkey to suit the client's requirements; these silos can have huge capacities and are available at short notice.
The silos fabrics are manufactured from a woven polyester and is incredibly durable. The silo walls can be made from an anti static media so for highly static products like EPS, the silos are perfect.
As the silos are breathable, this also eliminates any condensation that you would normally associate with external silos.
The flexible silos are suitable for storing most products, including plastic pellets, powder, animal feed, EPS , EPP to name a few.
These can be uncoated fabrics, coated finishing or polyurethane fabrics, or static electricity shedding fabrics to mention a few.
Sewing and/or high frequency welding is used in the construction of these containers.
Our silos are suitable for the storage of all your raw materials. They are the accepted storage method in the plastics industry.

Our Anti-Static Silo Fabrics;
- Standart Grid : 9 mm.
- Fabrics Weights : 300-400 gr/sqm
- Can make flexible and tailor-made / bespoke silo fabrics.