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Sterile Room Fabrics / Dust Free Fabrics

Our cleanroom fabrics are primarily composed of high multi-filament polyester and carbon filament yarns, to insure maximum protection against particle contamination and electrostatic discharge (ESD). Cleanroom fabrics design did not neglect to consider salient concerns of the worker including air permeability and wearability , durability.

Conductive yams such as carbon, nickel or aluminum can be woven into clean room fabrics for static control which is required in semiconductor and microchip manufacturing. These fabrics also prevent sparks in flammable environments. Bicomponent fibers with a conductive core can provide the required antistatic properties in the fabric. In general, inherently flame retardant fabrics are required for clean room garments. Chemical protection ability of the garment is also important.
During fabrication of clean room garments, loose fabric edges, holes, gaps and other means, by which particles could escape into the air from the wearer or garment, must be avoided. Cut edges should be preserged, or burned and turned under, then lock stitched, or bound and scaled.

Particle entrapment regions such as pockets, belts, pleats, fold-over collars or cuffs, emblems, logos and pcn-tabs should be avoided. Neckline and collar edges should be over-edged before setting. Clean room garments are usually sewn using low-texturc, continuous filament sewing threads. Some companies use ultrasoni-cally bonded scams to eliminate the “blow through” associated with needle holes.

  • A Class 100,000 room usually requires a hat or hood with full hair cover, beard cover, coveralls or zippcrcd frock, footwear and gloves (100,000 represents the number of 1.0 micron diameter or larger particles per 1 cubic foot of air). Facilities rated higher than Class 100,000 generally are not considered clean rooms.
  • For Class 10,000 rooms, a hoop replaces the hat from the Class 100,000 ensemble.
  • Class 1,000 rooms require full coveralls in place of a zippered frock.
  • A Class 100 environment requires fall facial cover.
  • We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Clean Room Fabric that is precisely designed for meeting the demands of clients concerning clean room manufacturing environments. The Antistatic Lintfree Clean Room Fabrics developed from polyester filament yarns that further provides non-linting barrier between potentially destructive particles and your clean room. These Clean Room Fabrics ensure less particulation in garments. Apart from this, these high performing Antistatic Lintfree Clean Room Fabrics are environmentally friendly, reducing your garment per use and disposal costs.

    Cleanroom Fabrics' Main Colors :
    White Grey Light Blue Sky Blue Dark Blue Navy