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Cleaning Cloths / Rags / Wipes

Our cleaning rags for the automotive industry are made from recycled clothing. Specially our coloured cleaning rags and toweling rags are used by the automotive repair services and the valet services respectively.

Our rags are highly effective in removing every bit of grease, oil, car wash chemicals and dust to give your car a thoroughly cleaned look. Apart from cleaning, they are great for the purposes of wiping and polishing too.

Our cleaning rags are meant to be used on all types of surfaces without damaging them. We also have cleaning rags specially for the automotive industry.

Our rags are tough on all kinds of stains, so they can effectively remove grease, oil, car wash chemicals and dust to make your car look like a new one. These rags can be used along with all types of chemicals (except the acetone-based cleaners that might cause coloured rags to bleed).

+Our automotive cleaning rags:
- Clean without damaging the surface
- Can be used with all kinds of car wash and cleaning chemicals
- Offer better cleaning than non-woven rags
- Can be reused
- They are affordable

+ Some features of our automotive cleaning rags:
- World-class quality
- Perfect cleaning results
- Eco-friendly
- Reusable
- Competitively priced
- Lint Free
- Silicon Free
- Dust Free
- Crater Free
- Particle Free