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Cleanroom Clothes

Vêtements pour salles blanches.

Humans are potentially the largest source of contamination in a cleanroom and the correct selection of garments is of extremely high importance.

Unless operators are gowned properly, your product is at risk. No matter what class your cleanroom environment is.
At Ebruzen Textile,LLC we stock a wide variety of different cleanroom clothes to be used in a variety of different applications. These clothing items have been specifically designed to protect your clothing and skin from potentially hazardous materials, as well as keeping particles that are on your body from contaminating your workspace.
Our garments offer control of particulate, bio-burden, electrostatic discharge - and your budget. Our unique understanding of high-tech requirements makes us a leading supplier of coveralls, coats, hoods, snoods, caps, inner suits and overboots/overshoes to meet evermore demanding Federal and European standards.
Ebruzen Textile,LLC offers garments meeting the highest specifications in protection of the production environment. Both the fabrics used and the garment designs ensure that particles and micro-organisms are limited and retained. We can provide the right garment to control electrostatic discharge - both for the cleanroom and non-cleanroom support areas.

Function :
- Protection of product and cleanroom environment against contamination by people.
- Protection of people against solid or liquid hazardous substances and biological hazards.
- Shall offer good electrostatic charge dissipation.
- Shall not generate contamination.
- Shall allow heat exchange of wearer.

We offer a range of re-usable cleanroom and aseptic area garments.

Ebruzen Textile,LLC is a national supplier of cleanroom supplies, with an extensive network of regional distribution centers and local warehouses.

We use only the best and most effective fabrics having learnt over 10 years what works best in terms of comfort, breathe ability, durability and effectiveness. Our manufacturing and design process constantly evolves to ensure we always provide the best in cleanroom clothing specifically to meet your cleanroom clothing needs.
All the products on offer conform to specific safety requirements and regulations determined by their use and the environment in which they will be used. In addition, all our cleanroom clothes in Ireland have been made using the highest quality materials and production techniques.
At Ebruzen Textile,LLC we stock a substantial range of cleanroom and laboratory clothing and accessories that can be procured online with ease. Browse our selection today and purchase your own cleanroom clothes.

- Coveralls
- Lab Coats
- Under Garments
- Aprons
- Sleeve Protectors
- Trousers
- Surgical Drapes
- Surgeon Gowns
- Hoods
- Face Masks

Cleanroom Clothes' Main Colors :
White Grey Light Blue Sky Blue Dark Blue Navy