The Largest and Authorized ESD / Antistatic Fabric Producer in Turkey

About Us


Ebruzen Textile , LLC is manufacturer of advanced textile solutions and protective clothing exporter company which is established in 2003. Ebruzen Textile company is the leading provider of solutions designed to improve the quality of fabrics. The company continues to evolve and grow through research and development focused on high performance advanced antistatic (ESD) solutions and technical textile solutions. Ebruzen Textile has specialised in the development of electro-static fabrics solutions. Ebruzen Textile , LLC is supplier of quality antistatic (ESD) fabrics , flame retardant fabrics , antibacterial medical fabrics. We provide solutions to the Defense , Electronics , Communicatons and Automotive industries.

Our Company's mission is to create conditions and infrastructure for sustainable procurement and production of textile products.
We wish to:
- Manufacture high quality yarn to withstand high levels of competitiveness.
- Design, manufacture and sell high quality and affordable apparels and accessories.
- To use latest technologies in manufacturing process.
- To provide a safe working environment for the employees.
- To operate the business with high motivation and deep commitment.
- Serving and supporting the society in which we work.

Our Company's vision is to become World's leading sustainable textile company by producing quality products and observing highest social, economic and environmental standards. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality products and prompt services to our customers. Our objective is to provide good value through a competitive atmosphere of defined systems and processes.
Our vision is three-fold :
- Lead the technical textile industry in the World
- Observe highest social, economic and environmental standards
- Maintain a committed and satisfied clientele.